Party Room Hamburg

The location over Hamburg's rooftops

Up to 62 person can be seated at the 22nd floor at the "Tanzenden Türme" (Dancing Towers).

Rooms 7 (largest space: 139 m2)
Region Hamburg, Hamburg-Mitte
Old factory in Hamburg Altona

Our rooms are just right for your private celebration (wedding, birthday, Christmas)! The factory is perfect for parties with 50-190 guests.

Rooms 2 (largest space: 150 m2)
Region Hamburg, Altona
Take advantage of our school

The appealing location in the city centre of Hamburg comprises a spacious meeting room and a Café area with small kitchenette.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 50 m2)
Region Hamburg, Hamburg-Mitte
Lilienhof business center hamburg

Several Conference, meeting, coaching and banquet facilities in the middle of the city for 2 – 20 people including roof terrace.

Rooms 5 (largest space: 46 m2)
Region Hamburg, Hamburg-Mitte
Their exclusive event location

An unusual event location in the middle of Hamburg with plenty of room for your ideas. Situated at the edge of the National Park, we offer a unique ambience for all kinds of events and meetings.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 230 m2)
Region Hamburg, Altona
Stately Villa, 10,000 sq m garden

Our event location for small birthday society with festive five-course meal, the wedding feast with dance and fire show, the acting workshop team building or the Christmas celebration with winter buffet for 300 people.

Rooms 5 (largest space: 78 m2)
Region Hamburg, Altona
Sports & State of the art event location

The stylish rooms offer the ideal setting for concerts, festivals, special business events, receptions and gala dinners.

Rooms 6 (largest space: 380 m2)
Region Hamburg, Altona
Elbe arcades investors

Event location "Elbe arcades investors"

Rooms 1 (largest space: 400 m2)
Region Hamburg, Hamburg-Mitte
Panorama lounge

More Elbe can't! The location right on the harbour mile with best view over Elbe and fish market. Equipped due to its location directly in the heart of the city with public transport accessible and at the same time with sufficient parking.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 212 m2)
Region Hamburg, Altona
Urban Musikerloft

The offered area approximately 200 square metres in size and is decorated in the style of the 80s.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 200 m2)
Region Hamburg, Hamburg-Mitte