Location Düsseldorf

Artist Club with terrace, room with stage

The Club offers its beautiful rooms for events of any kind. Centrally located overlooking the private park.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 200 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 1
Revolving restaurant-bar with view over Düsseldorf

Revolving restaurant in the Rheinturm Düsseldorf. 72 minutes, enjoy a panoramic view over Düsseldorf

Rooms 1 (largest space: 400 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 3
Former monastery in brick look

Would you like to spend your event in a historically significant, but modern restored location? The monastery boasts a remarkable light installation, sacral graceful ceilings and high Windows. Free wedding, party or corporate event - everything is possible.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 250 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 2
LOFT-location with open space

The industrial and urban charm of the former baking factory gives enough space for your own ideas. This atmosphere makes the location ideal for your special event.

Rooms 5 (largest space: 600 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 2
Film - and photoproduction in the bright loft of BoH

The Loft is our place of work - and a beautiful place, we like to provide you as a location for film, TV and photo productions.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 111 m2)
Quaint Studio in white and black

Unique, idyllic old Studio in white and black, which can be rented with white boards, for film and photo shoots, but also for events white primed walls, gray elements and an original left wall.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 80 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 3
Exclusive events in a historic atmosphere

Former estate with mansion, which was built in 1939. Room with fireplace, dining room, carriage house with an area of about 240 square feet or built barn with 450 square meters offer a Feierlocation hard to toppende 12 to 450 people.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 450 m2)
Region Düsseldorf, Stadtbezirk 9
Safranhouse Bazar

Original: rent a complete shop Bazaar! For events, corporate, or private parties, get-together, readings and... and... and: Browse, try, celebrate, talk, drink tea, wine, sit, eat, maybe even buy, bargain.

Rooms 1 (largest space: 85 m2)

historic steelfactory

Rooms 1 (largest space: 6.810 m2)