large, modern Bauhauslocation

Landkreis Aschaffenburg

/ Laufach

High, airy, open, wide and bright rooms. Large, floor to ceiling Windows, a wraparound terrace on a hillside in the EC and a surrounding balcony on the 1st floor. To do this, the object has a spacious outdoor area with mosaic pool and terraces. The total floor area is 680 square metres, the size of the plot: 2400 sq.m. You will find here ideal conditions for appropriate photo / film shoots. In particular there are very good lighting conditions through the South-facing location and the large window areas. There is an own driveway and the House is easy to commit by walk-in sliding elements and to supply.
The location is marked by an open design. The object has a very large living / dining area including an integrated modern black glass kitchen (250 m2). Generous floor to ceiling sliding Windows elements, a single continuous flooring (chopsticks parquet), open staircases are also available.

  • Film-/photo location
  • Villa
Suitable for
  • Film / photo production
  • Presentation
  • Conference
Living / dining area including an integrated modern black glass kitchen (250 m2). Also the large floor to ceiling sliding elements and the uniform continuous flooring (chopsticks parquet).
Suitable for
    Film / photo production Presentation Conference
Billing type
Rent per day (from 1.500 €)
Area (sq. m.) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Rentable days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Before feast days
Rentable hours
Before Mid-day Afternoon In the evening Upon consultation
Distances to public transportation
  • Train station 1001 - 5000 m
Distances by car
  • Highway less than 5 km
  • Central station up to 25 minutes
  • Public parking easy to find
Points of interest
  • Open kitchen
  • Small kitchen / tea kitchen
Special characteristics
  • Balcony
  • Terrace
  • Located at ground floor
Interior style
  • Bauhaus
  • Modern
  • Very bright
  • Natural light
Ceiling-high window
Parquet floor
Open air space
  • Meadow

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63846 Laufach