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/ Spandau

Their own football tournament in the KICKERWorld Berlin

FußballturnierOb indoor or outdoor event, a corporate tournament to promote customer loyalty and improve team spirit, Christmas, anniversary or summer festivals, birthday, bachelorette party or graduation party - we offer tailor-made arrangements and a unique atmosphere.

Your advantages:

* complete tournament scheduling
* official referee
* Trophy for the winner of the tournament, incl. engraving
* Thirst Quencher for the teams
* incl. balls and Camisole (on loan)
* Sky sports bar for fun in the third half-time u.v.m.

  • Party room
  • Event venue
  • Restaurant
  • Conference-/seminar room
Suitable for
  • Standing reception
  • Seminar/workshop
  • Company/society event
* approx. 50 people * canvas * projector * Conference drinks * buffet
Suitable for
    Standing reception Seminar/workshop Company/society event
Billing type
Rent per day
Area (sq. m.) Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Rentable days
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Before feast days
Rentable hours
Before Mid-day Afternoon In the evening Upon consultation
Distances to public transportation
  • Urban train 151 - 400 m
  • Underground up to 150 m
  • Bus up to 150 m
  • Train station 401 - 1000 m
Distances by car
  • Highway less than 2 km
  • Central station up to 25 minutes
  • Trade fair up to 25 minutes
  • Airport up to 25 minutes
  • City centre up to 15 minutes
  • Parking lots up to 100
  • Public parking easy to find
  • Parking lots for disabled
Points of interest
  • Soccer
Theatre / concert rooms
  • Tourbus

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