Corporate events Landkreis Lörrach

Meeting rooms at the harbour in Weil am Rhein

Modern industrial architecture meets stage area Rhine. Ideally placed in the tri-national metropolitan region of Germany, Switzerland, France. Exciting contrast between logistical hub and refined interior design.

Rooms 5 (largest space: 130 m2)
Region Lörrach, Weil am Rhein
A home for your event

The G5 Forum stands for "Design meets Function" and impresses with aesthetics and straightforwardness. Only 7 km from Basel, you will find there a fascinating range of rooms and an ideal home for any occasion.

Rooms 7 (largest space: 1.150 m2)
Region Lörrach, Eimeldingen
The place for doing business differently

A modern, multifunctional work, event and meeting forum with high quality. Running in reduced language of architecture, it offers a high-quality, design-oriented facilities.

Rooms 3 (largest space: 535 m2)
Region Lörrach, Binzen
G5 Forum

Event + meeting location

Rooms 13 (largest space: 5.000 m2)
Region Lörrach, Eimeldingen